Over the last several years I've been dealing with various stages of disability thanks to ALS. My goal is to share solutions and review various products/tools/devices that I have found particularly helpful.


As they become available, I will be posting my scripts here. As I find links to interesting and possibly useful scripts I will also list here. Content coming soon!

But in a nutshell, what is autohotkey? It's a very powerful and simple scripting language for Windows through which you can automate various keypresses and keystrokes. Or more interestingly you can very simply remap keys on your keyboard to either new keys or define macro functions for them.

One of the most powerful, and perhaps the most interesting feature I find for people with ALS is the hotstring functionality by which you can define a very small number of key presses which, auto hotkey will recognize that you have predefined to be replaced with the defined text.

My Hot String Autohotkey
addy 123 Some St.
some city
zip code
some country
For example, let's say I don't want to type my address because is rather long and tiresome for me to do so. So with an autohotkey script running in the background, you will recognize when I type in "addy" and automatically replace it with my defined address.

The basic hot string and key remapping is in fact very, very simple and no risk. If your script is causing problems, or you don't want to run. Simply kill the process in task manager and restart it later when you're ready.

It's free open source software, and very much worth look. Check it out! autohotkey

My scripts!

As opportunity permits, I will be posting some of my scripts here. As my ability to type is somewhat compromised, and voice to text doesn't works super well for programming tasks updates and new scripts will probably be a bit infrequent. Nonetheless, I will share them here :-)

  • The Friendly Mouse is the first helper program I wrote because my right hand occasionally spasms and rather inconveniently tends to push the right mouse button. This script will allow you to enable/disable the right or left mouse or swap their functionality.
    • Future functionality will likely include a sticky left mouse button.
  • The Sticky Mouse Script it's a very simple script I wrote to help me with clicking and dragging. If you hold down the left mouse button for one second, it will lock it in the down position. Click again to release what you've picked up.
  • the Z wave Jarvis Mod The script and functionality required to set up the Jarvis mod for your home automation system.

Other scripts!

As I find other people scripts that look useful, I'll link them here.

Comments please!

If you have an idea for a script order tool that you think might be useful, please add a comment below. I can't guarantee I'll get to it, but I'll sure take it under consideration :-)


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