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Monday, 30 July 2012

Autohotkey… The sticky mouse

So what exactly happens when the fuzzy critter on the left meets up with the scripting language on the right?

You get this, sticky mouse script.

I've been starting to have some difficulty with long clicking and drags. I would lose my selection, drop things right don't want him and all around have a general pain in the butt about it. So to ease my frustration, and hopefully some of yours I wrote a very simple sticky mouse script with autohotkey.

The script simply waits for you to hold down the left mouse button one second, it then provides you with an audio cue to let you know that the script will now hold the button down for you. You can release the left mouse button and drag your window or icon around as you like. Click the button again and it will release.

The script has no knowledge as to what's under it, so if you hold the button down over empty space, or text or whatever it was still hold down the button for you. If you miss your click, no big deal to/click something else and start again.

You can get a copy of the sticky mouse here:
The Sticky Mouse Script

The sticky mouse will eventually be integrated into the friendly mouse script as well.

Enjoy! Let me know how it works out for you, please post a comment ;-)

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