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Thursday, 14 June 2012

One Touch Openers

I'm not really able to do much in the kitchen anymore, but a few things that I can do… I like to do. One of those things is a spaghetti sauce, but the real challenge is accessing all of the canned goods.

I can't operate a manual can opener anymore, don't have the strength or the dexterity for that and there's a whole ton of choices for electric can openers… And the one I have didn't work worth a damn and just ended up causing me far more aggravation than they need.

Then I discovered One Touch kitchen products. I must admit, I was quite skeptical at first that their advertised with that classy "as seen on TV" logo which usually serves to me as a warning of "this item is potentially crap". But I really have to say, these products are really quite good and ideal for someone with dexterity or strength issues.

I have the jar opener and the can opener. I've not yet tried the other products,but I really am interested in trying the vegetable slicer. I will post about it when I find. Both the jar opener in the can opener requires four AA batteries and they really do work as advertised. You put the over on top of the can or jar, push and hold the button for a few seconds, letting go and stand back and wait for your can to be opened.

I found both of these at Canadian tire, each priced at about C$20. On par with other openers, however I would say these are far superior in their function and would recommend them to anyone.

So if you still can dabbled in the kitchen and need an opener, I highly recommend these.

Cost: C$20
Pro: very easy to operate, and they work great. They also operate on batteries so there's no cable to mess with.
Con: they operate on batteries, and consequently will sometimes need to be changed.

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