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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Friendly Mouse Autohotkey Script

When using the mouse, my right hand has a tendency to spasm and rather inconveniently pushes the right mouse button. Needless to say this is quite annoying...

This was one of the first questions I directed at the technology  group of my rehabilitation facility. They were a little short on options they did eventually find a program called "right off". While this program worked, I was quite dissatisfied with it, in particular the interface. There was no convenience to it. E.g. if my hand was working rather well at the moment I would have to navigate through task manager find the program and and its process. Also,this program gave no outward sign that it was actually running. Nothing showed the trail on the taskbar.

So I went about writing my own using autohotkey.

The Friendly Mouse the script is available here. It creates a nice, neat little interface where you can toggle on and off function of the mouse buttons and also swap them. Future functionality will include an optional sticky left mouse.

Just a reminder, be sure to have autohotkey installed on your system before attempting to run the script. You can find all the insatructions you need on the autohotkey page

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