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Monday, 8 April 2013

A Little More Humor…

Imperial versus Metric…

Every two weeks I get some help to come to the house to help to prepare some meals in this usually works out okay. But once in a while there are some things that just don't seem to be understood… While making a particularly good ratatouille, here's a sample of the conversation I had the other day:

Me: "we need to slice all the vegetables to be about 3 mm thick."

Helper: places the knife on the vegetable and shows me where she thinks to cut, which is about a centimeter. Asking "like this?"

Me: "no, recipe calls for about 3 mm that's about a centimeter"

Helper: "I don't know what a centimeters…"

Me: thinking to myself, okay she must know the Imperial system. "Recipe actually specifies 1/16 of an inch" (okay, I know that's about half the size of 3 mm…)

Helper: "oh, like this then?" She places the knife on the vegetable ready to cut about a quarter of an inch thick.

Me: "no, the recipe says 1/16 of an inch"

Helper: she repositions the knife again, this time to about half an inch. "How about this?"

Me:… Okay, she apparently doesn't know the Imperial system either…

Battling with the Car Seat…

Every weekday, I have a helper come by the house to assist me in getting my son from daycare. I can still drive there and back, but I have difficulty getting him ready and I cannot manage the car seat. I don't know what it is, but there seems to be an ongoing battle with my child's car seat when we pick him up from daycare. Helpers often just don't seem to understand how it works. 

The following is an actual conversation that happened, you can pass your own judgment…

Me: I sit down in the driver seat waiting for my helper to attach my son. I mistakenly assume he knows what he's doing.

Helper: fumbling with the straps for a few minutes he actually says to me "well, I can't figure this out. I'll just hold him in the car seat."

Me: completely dumbfounded I replied "the hell you will. We may only be going a few blocks away, but you will do it up properly"

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