Over the last several years I've been dealing with various stages of disability thanks to ALS. My goal is to share solutions and review various products/tools/devices that I have found particularly helpful.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

More Funny Business

 It's been sometime since I've been able to use a regular toothbrush, so for several months now I've been using an electric toothbrush. At this point in time it started to become a little more difficult for me to turn the toothbrush on, I lost enough dexterity that flipping the switch was becoming a challenge.

So, I took this problem to a couple of technicians for advice. We discussed several options for how to modify the toothbrush switch to make it easier for me to turn on and off.

At one point, I'm discussing this with the technician who would make the modification and we were going in circles about how to add a switch to battery box. Meanwhile the other technician has my toothbrush on the table and is playing with a metal block to flip the switch. He then says to me: "what if we were to mount a block like this one on your counter. This makes it very easy to catch the switch to turn on the toothbrush."

I give a moment's pause before replying with: "okay, if we do that… What happens to the toothpaste?"

"… Oh yeah… Right."

We then settled on the simple solution of gluing a rubber bumper to the switch…

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